Best Birthday Ever (Away From Home)

Of course birthdays are better if you had it with family and close friends.. But we still have to deal with it in The Hague. This is the second time I celebrate birthdays away, the first one when being a trip to Manado, North Celebes, about three years ago.

Two highschool friends came and gave me a beautiful bouqette of roses. We went for a walk to Sundastraat and Sumatrastraat, and then we ate in one Turkish cafe. The portion was enormous! They also got me a small, cute birthday “cake” which was actually candy.

Birthday Yay!

We bumped into a Kermis, a temporary night fair, along the way. It was a small, colourful Kermis.

Kermis, the temporary night fair.
Huge cotton candies!
The wheel & the hamburger.

Later I went to Gondelstraat for a gathering of Indonesian students in ISS. It was nice. I brought a delicious, apple crumble pie from AH.

Indonesian ISSers' welcome party at Gondelstraat dorm.

Thanks for all your greetings via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail! I really appreciate them.

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