The third day was spent in Bosa, a nearby old town. We took a one-hour bus ride, costing 6,5 euro return. The trip was great — it followed a stunningly scenic coastal route, although the fierce wind was a bit scary because sometimes it made the bus shake sideways. And the winding road made me dizzy, too.

Fortunately we had a very bright, clear, sunny day in Bosa. We were sweating while we climbed the hill to the 11th century castle… which was supposed to be open, but closed at that moment. However the nice view from the hill made the climb worthwhile.

Then we went down to the old town, awed by the beautiful old buildings, doors, and balconies, taking pictures here, there, and everywhere. We went to a tourist information center and got some interesting stuffs to do: visit the Maria Immacolata church, and then take a plunge in the natural bath about 2 km away from the town.

Too bad as the siesta rule in Italy, the church was closed and would open again at 4 pm. Actually we passed by the church earlier and even I took a picture of its open doors about half an hour before.. So we decided to have some lunch and then head to the natural spring.

Finding an open restaurant is another tricky task.. After half an hour searching, we found one. The food was okay but it was overpriced — we had to pay around 20 euro per person but the quality is not as good as the one we had for our first dinner in Alghero. The dessert, biscuits and nuts, was lovely but not worth the 5 euro. And they charged us 15 euro for two 1-litre bottles of water. However, I had my first experience of cracking walnuts and hazelnuts so I was happy enough. Haha.

After lunch, we walked for 2 km but it seemed that the natural spring’s too faraway, not really 2 km as said by the information center. So we headed back to town to see the church, because we had 30 minutes before the departure of our bus back to Alghero. We stumbled upon a gelateria and finally had our first gelato in Italy! It was super-delicious!

While we enjoyed our scoops of heaven, it started to rain cats and dogs. We waited until the rain was bearable enough for us to walk to the church, which was beauuuutiful inside, and then half-running we went to the bus stop. Phew. That’s how we spent the third day.

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