Sorry I can’t be with you, again, in your birthday. I guess it’s one of the pitfalls of having the opportunity to study somewhere far from home — I have to miss important days of my beloved ones back home. Not only once, but twice. Perhaps this is how you felt when you were away to study and work during Ibu’s birthday and my birthday, too? 🙂

Anyway, happy 57th birthday, Ayah. I wish you to be happier, healthier, and less cranky in the days to come. 😉

Let me dedicate my graduation from ISS next Friday for you. I wish you and Ibu** to be here, but afraid not, you know you’re always in my heart. And thanks to internet, you can watch the graduation online, although it’s nothing pompous like back home hahaha.

Much love, hugs and kisses,


*Ayah = father (bahasa Indonesia)
**Ibu = mother

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