Hullo, Hippo!

The cutest postcard I’ve ever received landed on my mailbox last week. It features a hippopotamus on a bike! And the hippo wears a green polkadot scarf, lil pink hat, and a bird on top of it! And there are three small robots on the other side!

No kidding.

It is a postcard made by — yes, made by and not only bought/sent by — the talented Dian, a freelance illustrator who somehow read my blog and asked me to send a postcard for her. I did. And look what I’ve received in return! Sorry for the many exclamation marks, I’m just so excited to see the postcard.

I also love the stamps, which show off the rich textile heritage of Indonesia: batik, ulos, and tenun tampan (also known as tapis). The total value of the stamps, Rp 10,000, sounds very expensive, but it actually translates into less than an euro. Yeah we’ve got too many zeroes in rupiah.

Anyway, to enjoy more of Dian’s illustration, go to her blog: Enjoy!

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