Remembering 1956

Walking past the grandeur parliament building today, I saw two big Hungarian flags decorated the facade. Both featured holes in the middle part. Those holes are important symbol derived from the 1956 uprising, which is commemorated with two national holidays, today and tomorrow.

1956 is a year of revolution for Hungary — a failed one. It all started by Stalin’s death in 1953, which triggered rumours of reform in Hungary. The progressive Marxist Imre Nagy became the prime minister of the country, replacing the much-hated Matyas Rakosi.

1 Megyeri Bridge
2 North Rail Bridge (Északi összekötő vasúti híd)
3 Árpád Bridge
4 Margaret Bridge
5 Chain Bridge
6 Elisabeth Bridge
7 Liberty Bridge
8 Petőfi Bridge
9 Rákóczi Bridge
10 South Rail Bridge (Összekötő vasúti híd)

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