But HOW? Where to start? What to do?

British Council is now developing an anti-corruption toolkit to help you answer those questions (and more) and to give you enough preparation to kick the corruptors’ asses. *ahem, sorry for a not-so-proper language*

You can access the toolkit’s draft here: http://scr.bi/actoolkit or download the toolkit here.

In GYAC Nairobi, BC’s Nicholas Holford explained about the toolkit. Basically it guides us to focus the effort, set the goals and strategies, anticipate the barriers, launch the campaign, and evaluate the process.

However since the toolkit’s still in the development, we need YOU to help it to be a better toolkit. Please read the toolkit and then send your feedback by filling the form NOW, here: http://bit.ly/actsurvey

You can also help by spreading this news to your friends via whatever method that suits you — be it your email, Twitter, Facebook, blog, and a zillion other channels available to you.


send (my and) your thanks to:
– Nick, who developed the toolkit.
Gaddi, who designed the feedback form and promotional pictures that can be used for this effort (I personally like this one the best).
Felix, who took Jecel’s picture, featured in this post.

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