Of course birthdays are better if you had it with family and close friends.. But we still have to deal with it in The Hague. This is the second time I celebrate birthdays away, the first one when being a trip to Manado, North Celebes, about three years ago.

Two highschool friends came and gave me a beautiful bouqette of roses. We went for a walk to Sundastraat and Sumatrastraat, and then we ate in one Turkish cafe. The portion was enormous! They also got me a small, cute birthday “cake” which was actually candy.

Birthday Yay!

We bumped into a Kermis, a temporary night fair, along the way. It was a small, colourful Kermis.

Kermis, the temporary night fair.

Huge cotton candies!

The wheel & the hamburger.

Later I went to Gondelstraat for a gathering of Indonesian students in ISS. It was nice. I brought a delicious, apple crumble pie from AH.

Indonesian ISSers' welcome party at Gondelstraat dorm.

Thanks for all your greetings via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail! I really appreciate them.

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