The Chocolate Museum in Cologne is not only telling a story of temptation — with the delicious smell of chocolate in the whole building — but also one of exploitation. The museum tries to put a humane face (by mentioning Fair Trade, CSRs etc) to overlook the inequality inside the chocolate industry, but anyway, it does not really work. At least for us, Gina and me, who were being over-critical that day. :p

However, ethical problems aside, the museum is wonderful for chocolate lovers like us. It costs you 7 euro (or 5 euro for youths and students) to get in. A tiny square of chocolate and chocolate fondue-covered wafer are included.

The exhibition is spread over three floors of the museum by the river Rhein. Visitors can see how chocolate is now produced in the working mini-factory. After exploring the museum, we tried the super chocolatey Schoko Duo Tarte and two glasses of hot chocolate — Gina’s with mint while mine was with hazelnut. It was yummy!

Here are some pic:

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