Cut and Paste

The Qualitative Interviewing course finally came to an end. The whole course might not be something that teaches surprising, new things, but towards the end, the interview project makes it more interesting and enjoyable.

I’m lucky to be in a team of six great girls with amazing teamwork and spirit. Thanks Cata, Kumud, Martha, Mynt, and Nhien!

We chose to work with the migrant domestic workers in the Netherlands, out of the ISS-related topics which were chosen by other friends. I really enjoy the whole process, although it was tricky and challenging in some parts, it’s also a good exercise in designing and conducting qualitative interviews. I also get to understand more of the domestic workers organisations, plus I can know more Indonesians outside of the ISS bubble.

The last work for the group assignment, poster-making for presentation, was rather highschool-ish — some even say it’s like kindergarten activity — but guess what, it was one of the most fun part! It was almost totally manual, only some pictures and letters were printed, but the rest was cutting and pasting kind of job.

Cut cut cut....

Cut cut cut....

Paste paste paste

Paste paste paste

It’s a wrap now for the course. The next three weeks will be more difficult challenging since I’ve got an exam plus two essays to do. Wish me luck! 😀

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  1. Great working with you too Bunga. We had so much fun! And you’re such a sweet person 🙂

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