So the essay frenzy has ended, rather disappointing and unsuccessfully, at 10 am this morning. I practically tortured myself with that piles of reading and almost no time to sleep — did doze off several minutes but no more than 30 minutes — in 24 hours. I submitted the wrong file into the system and had to send the right one to the lecturer’s email an hour later. He said it was okay but we’d never know until the grade is out…

I slept afterwards until 5pm and it was already dark outside. I really need to change my habit or I’ll fry my brain and die too fast. Seriously.

And the essay.. My God, I’m ashamed to read it now. It seems that all I did was rambling without truly analysing anything. I wish the lecturer would pity me and at least let me pass.

There’s no one to blame with the essay frenzy but myself, of course. It was one of my worst time management ever. It’s just hard to read and write academic stuffs during holiday, you know. Pfff.

Anyway, I shouldn’t complain too much since I consider my burden this term is actually slightly lighter than other friends — most have to go through 2 essays and 3 exams in this exam week while I only got an essay and an exam to bear.

Oh well. So today’s dedicated to rest.. and tomorrow’ll be the day to study heaps of theories for the exam on Friday morning. Aaaaaaaaargh.

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