Food Sharing Problem

Multicultural, multitasteKitchen, last night. I’d just finished cooking fried noodle with beef, cheese, mushroom, and spinach. I wanted to share it with some friends in the dorm..

Me: Hey, have you had your dinner?
Chidchon (Thai): Yes. Do you want to taste this? (handing me a plate of stew)
Me: What’s that?
Chidchon: Pork.
Me: Oh sorry, I don’t eat pork.
Chidchon: Aw. Sorry.
Me: Matou, have you had your dinner?
Matou (Indian): No, I’m going to have it now.
Me: I’ve made some fried noodle. Do you want to have some? (Pausing for a minute, remembering something..) Wait, do you eat beef?
Matou: Hehe, sorry I don’t.
Me: Shoot. Ok then, enjoy your dinner!

Sharing food here’s not easy… Perhaps except vegetarian food?

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  1. nandy

    next time perhaps you should ask or offer chicken as sharing menu, it is neutral right? poor chicken, as the most suffering animal in the world, being slaughtered everywhere

  2. hehhehe… kebayang ih..
    *masi ngakak

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