Happy Birthday, Dearest Ibu

Today is Ibu’s 55th birthday! Another year has passed since I said happy birthday to Ibu (that’s Bahasa Indonesia for mom). Time flies. And this time, unfortunately I can’t be by her side to say it directly, kiss her cheeks, and hug her as usual.

This is all I can give her for now:

For the one of the most influential people who nurtured me all this years, I can only say I love you. Selamat ulang tahun, Ibu Reni! Wish you all the very best-est, better than what I wish for myself. Hehehe.

PS. Good thing there’s only one me in this world, imagine if there’s a dozen of me roaming around like in the pictures! Hahaha… 😀

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  1. erlita

    bunga … keren bangettt ….

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