I’m not a person who likes to dwell in the past, but somehow, most of the time, small things make me recall memories. Swiftly. Like when I see, hear, or smell something, and suddenly, faster than a blink of an eye, I remember the moment connected with it. Most are sweet, happy memories, but some are sad ones.

Once I saw power generator and I recall the days in my childhood when I live in Kendari, Southeast Celebes. Nearby my house was a power plant, always buzzing, annoying at the first week, but completely accepted as part of everyday life afterwards. (Although I only lived in that city of one asphalt road for several months, before going back to Jakarta again.)

Yesterday I went to a supermarket and saw a heap of Maryam bread in the freezer. In the next second I remember an ex who was (and I believe still is) proud of his Indian heritage, and once let me taste a yummy, hot, fluffy Maryam bread, complemented with a thick curry.

Today I’m back into an old apartment, where wonderful memories keep rushing in to me. It is exactly the same one where about 2,5 years ago, along the corridors of the third floor, someone said he loved me. He says he still does. (Remembering that makes me also recall a sad night in October when he left to a far, faraway land.. but I will meet him soon, really soon, hopefully.)

Too bad I can’t control the memories in examinations, you know, so I can easily answer the questions because I’ve read or heard about it even though I don’t really study about it. Hahaha.


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