Once A Day

This is a promise: I will blog once a day, every single day, during my two-years journey that’s starting today.

Why, you say? Well, why not? 🙂

I need to keep writing so I won’t forget how. I may need to vent out my emotion. I want to show the world my footsteps around the globe. I want to share it with you. I need to keep myself sane. Hahaha.

What usually hold me while wanting to write a post is the strong desire to make a comprehensive piece, which needs a solid research, a series of grammar checks and spellchecks, plus the perfect mood to do it. That’s why I rarely update my blog.

But since today’s a milestone for my life, hey, I think it’ll be good to commemorate it by challenging myself. To post something everyday, no matter how trivial it is. Even without proper grammar and spellchecks like today..

So if there’s no force majeur during my study/globetrotting two years, I will bug you with my blogposts everyday. Sometimes perhaps in my posterous account (http:/bungtje.posterous.com), which is way much easier to update.

A blogpost everyday, will keep the doctors away. Haha. I hope so.

See you around!

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  1. imran ali teeu

    I like your site:)

  2. airlangga

    Let’s see if you can post during the exam week or when your assignments are piling up.. Hehehehe… I’m looking forward to your commintment:D

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