Yesterday the whole batch of ISS 2011-2012 students went for a daytrip to Rotterdam. It was fun, windy as always, but also exhausting.

Three buses departed from ISS at 10 am sharp. It took only about 20 minutes to Rotterdam, where we went for a boat trip in the river.

Then, we went to Kinderdijk, where 19 windmills have been controlling the water for centuries. We took another boat trip there. The Kinderdijk was a perfect photo-op moments.

Oh yeah, me, with the windmill, finally.

Later at the afternoon, by bus we went to Erasmus University of Rotterdam. ISS is a part of the University since 2009, so that’s why we had to go there for its International Students Welcome Party. There was the usual Rector speech, but the interesting part is, the event was closed by a British stand-up comedian, Adam Fields. I think his sarcastic humour is funny, but perhaps not to everyone’s taste.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse of what’s happening yesterday.

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