Where did my last six months go?

It feels like RK was born yesterday, but six full months have passed us by. I can still remember vividly how he crawled very slowly on my chest, looking for his first drops of milk. Now he can roll his body quickly, smile and laugh, yell with joy, and cry loudly whenever he’s bothered (most of the times he’s just hungry).

I spent the first three months almost 24/7 with RK. When maternity leave was over, I went back to work and RK stays with Yoga’s mother in office hours. Several times my mom came and stayed in our house to take care of RK, too.

Getting back to the office was difficult at first, with all the hassles of breastmilk pumping in between working. But then I realize that office is actually a nice place where working mothers can have some me-time and socialize with more people. And we need the money too 🙂

RK’s first six months is not without drama. Baby blues, sore nipples, milk blister, chafed aerolas, and sleepless nights are just some of the few challenges I must face. Yoga and I were also very worried when RK caught his first cold and when his temperature went a bit high after vaccinations.

But all the drama does not mean a thing compared with the happiness RK has been bringing into our life. His smiles and sweet gaze melt my heart everytime. His laughters fills our shared spaces with joy.

Thank God, I have full support from Yoga, our families and friends, enabling RK to grow healthy and happy. He has finished six months of exclusive breastmilk (well, discounting soapy water he might have swallowed now and then), and today has started to try solid food — mashed avocado mixed with milk.

Just like the meaning of his last name, “Kelana” (“to travel”), RK has also traveled quite a bit — with me and Yoga, RK took the train to Bandung and flew to Yogyakarta. His upcoming trip will be to Cirebon and I just can’t wait!

Anyway, son, stay happy and healthy. We love you.

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