I saw this in Brasilia (lame) airport’s duty free, two weeks ago. The picture was set right above cigarette shelves.

I think it’s quite a powerful image, as most smokers are perceived to be male and hell yeah they are very afraid to be impotent. At least they almost always worry about their sexual performance, and based on various research findings, smokers score weakly compared with non-smokers. But is it an effective strategy? Well, considering how human beings are mostly irrational and stubbornly make decisions with harmful consequences every other second, the answer to that question may remain a mystery.

Perhaps tobacco is not the most harmful substance on earth, but everyone knows it is dangerous for everyone’s health. It’s also dangerous for the smokers’ financial health, particularly in so-called “developed” countries, where cigarettes are sky-high expensive.

If you are a smoker, what do you think when you see the impotency warning?

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