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Ain’t It Hard To Be Optimistic

The more I read, the more I become drawn to the pessimists’ side. Really. *sigh* “The third element in the U.S. transition entailed an ideological assault upon the…

Breakfast with Andrea

It’s always fun to meet old friends, even for a very short time like today! This morning, I went to Amsterdam for a glimpse an hour with my…

A Little Bit More on Erasmus Mundus

A few weeks ago, the European Commission updated the Action 1 programmes list for the academic year 2012-2013. I’m happy to see Mundus MAPP was selected again. The list is still heavy on natural science, engineering, and agriculture — leaving less than 40 master programmes for social sciences, humanities, and arts. (Pardon my social-science subjectivity here, please.) But I found several master programmes to be interesting.