I’m not really a shopper, fashionista, or a big spender. But lately I found myself kinda weak. I’d like to blame it to my boy who cannot accompany me on my holidays hehehe… (Kidding, darl. Or maybe not. :D)


Last week, I had 14 pairs of footwears, ranging from Rp 30 K / pair to around Rp 300 K /pair. Only a pair of thong sandals were a gift, and the rest were bought with my own hard-earned money. Unfortunately the most comfortable ones are sneakers, which were prohibited in the Palaces — in which I became the backup reporter (I only cover Palace events when the actual person in charge is in holiday). 

So I thought I really need a pair of comfy, good-looking shoes. Then I browsed and searched and tried what seemed like hundreds pairs of shoes… *exaggerating mode ON* But my eyes and my mind kept coming back to the pairs I’d been eyeing for months. It looked good, fit well, but it never went on discount. Shoot.


But I need it. A swipe of my debit card — credit card’s still a no-no for me — and it’s mine. The day after, I wore it for work, which includes walking from Mahkamah Agung (Supreme Court) to Mahkamah Konstitusi (Constitutional Court) and DAMN DAMN DAMN it wasn’t as comfortable as I expected. I got blisters on both of my feet T_T

Now now, it meant that those white wedges should sit on my shoerack, and only worn for special occassion which won’t let me get the blisters again. It meant that I still had to look for another pair…


And voila! Today I encountered the ohsosweet Kuyagaya shop in Kemang. Aaaah they had a very interesting assortment of canvas flatshoes.. I couldn’t help myself to buy one. There you go, my second pair of shoes this week… I’m officially broke (again).

I hope it’s comfy enough to be worn all day long. Gonna test it tomorrow 😀


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