Me in Masaai Market

When people say time flies, they really mean it. I still can vividly remember the Global Youth Anticorruption Forum (GYAC) held in Brussels last May… and suddenly here comes the SECOND GYAC in Nairobi, Kenya, starting today.

While the first GYAC was attended by 45 young anticorruption activists from around the globe, the second will be filled by 130-ish youths. The main challenge in this GYAC is what to do with the amazing network we’ve got: either formalizing it or just let it be a sharing forum, what vision should the network has, and putting up a strategy to achieve it.

Me, as a journalist, actually have the privilege of watching all the things going — and not having the obligation to interfere with the process — while taking notes of it.

I’m so excited to find even more of the good stories I’m looking for. Aren’t we all tired of reading, hearing, and seeing bad news?

Will keep you posted on what’s happening here in Nairobi.

Together against corruption!

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