Or was it 2001? I’ve forgotten. But I do remember I was in my 11th grade. I simply didn’t want to lag behind a friend of mine, Nofie Iman – nicknamed Cecep, who started a blog first.

(Now he teach at the Faculty of Economics in Gadjah Mada University, already took a graduate class in UK, and still actively blog at http://nofieiman.com)

I blogged manually, writing codes in notepad. Copying html and css codes from various websites and then tweaking it a bit. Got some help from the late frontpage as well, I have to admit.

I borrowed some space from Cecep’s hosting. I had to upload files through ftp, one by one, and boy, it was tiring.

Then I tried to get my own domain. Kinda sad to know that somebody already bought bunga.com, while bunga.net was claimed by a domain broker. So I paid for una-acih.net from a company which name I’ve also forgotten. I got a few megabytes storage for a bonus.

I used the space for my blog (still manually coded) and a mini site to showcase my library. I named my blog Scattered Letters. I changed the lay outs about ten times, using manga characters, mostly CLAMP‘s artworks. It survived a year.

And then I once again became a parasit, sucking free space from Cecep’s hosting hahaha. Ah, how I owe him.

Anyway, Cecep decided to change his hosting company. So I chose another way, trying to blog using free-hosting platforms. Unfortunately, I didn’t archive my old blog. I saved the files in my hard disk in Jogja. But the hard disk had broken down and I had no backup. Doh.

However. I blogged in English using Friendster’s http://una-acih.blog.friendster.com/. I referred it to http://una-acih.tk for shorter url. I still named it Scattered Letters. But one day people started to leave Friendster, and so did I.

On my early days in my mini newspaper (http://epaper.korantempo.com), I started an all-Bahasa Indonesia site at Bungtje’s Playground (http://bungtje.multiply.com). It was great for its time: I could blog as well as upload some photo albums. And because its privacy was manageable, not all people could take a look at them. The drawback was not everyone could put some comments, because they had to have a multiply account as well.

I also used the notes page on my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bunga.manggiasih?v=app_2347471856&ref=profile. It was pretty useful to show off or just crying my heart out to fellow facebookers.

But now I found http://flavors.me/bungtje — It seemed to be interesting. Too bad it couldn’t import from friendster blog, multiply, or facebook notes.

Doesn’t matter. I’m using the opportunity to try posterous and tumblr now. Hope it’ll last 🙂

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