Much better than yesterday! Except the fact that I forgot to bring my Museumkaart, which made me had to spend 12,5 euro for Rijksmuseum. But it’s okay, especially compared with what I experienced yesterday *shuddered*

Took a “free” Sandeman city tour, which deserves another blogpost on it. It features Oude Kerk and the localization, an interesting classic contrast of the city:

An interesting statue in front of Oude Kerk -- which was located in the middle of the red light district.

Went there with wonderful friends — nine girls plus one guy (talking ’bout gender imbalance! hahaha). Didn’t take any full group pictures, though.

Amsterdam, yay!

Amsterdam, yay!

It was a short day trip, but we’re so exhausted, hahaha. We must go back to the city soon, there are soooo many things that we haven’t seen yet. 😀

Here are more pictures on Amsterdam.

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