I spent most of 2023 for lots of work, fun and travel, managing to do them in 13 cities in 6 countries. This includes the almost-daily commute between Depok and Jakarta, which took a total of more than 280 hours (around 12 days!) this year. 8 other cities were revisited, and I went to three cities for the first time: Kathmandu, Doha and Lisbon.

The familiars: Yogya and Budapest (after 10 years!). A new one: Kathmandu.

I met new people, reunited with old friends, managed audio-visual content production, edited tons of stories, went to music concerts, danced on stage, and left behind a bit too much carbon footprints than I wanted to. I felt I did not spend enough time with my family, though.

October brought us a worsening of 75-years old ethnic cleansing, now witnessed by the world in 4K.

Then December came with a surprise: putting the wrong foot while getting off the bus led me to partial ACL and LCL tear, MCL sprain, PCL buckling, ruptured Baker’s cyst, and medial meniscus edema, which in human terms means I could not walk like I used to.

I relied on wheelchair and crutches for two weeks after the incident. My injured right knee was in pain for days, despite the painkillers I took. I could not go out of my house for days, and when I did, I depended on other people to help push the wheelchair. The whole thing might be a sign from the universe for me to slow down, but hell, it’s quite frustrating. (Cue for all the tears and hours spent for overthinking 🥲)

Anyway, after the swelling went down, the orthopaedist said no surgery would be needed, but I must consult with physical rehabilitation specialist and do several physiotherapy sessions. So I’m closing 2023 with learning how to walk again. After three therapy sessions, now I can slowly walk for a short distance. Progress!

My personal wish list for 2024 is short:

  • able to walk with my pre-injury pace
  • spend more time with my family
  • write more personal stories
  • travel not to more places, but to stay longer in each place
  • make more than enough money to fund all of the above 🤑

So, hello, 2024.

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