I Left My Heart..

…in Alhambra.

It is magical. Beautifully spiritual.

Catching my eyes, capturing my soul, satisfying my senses.


Generalife, Jennat al Arif, Garden of the Architect

Colourful azulejos, asma-ul husna along the walls, mathematically precise geometrics, elegant play of light and shadow, mocarabe ceilings, beautiful gardens and pools, rich history woven into every space, what more can I ask?

I’m definitely bias but it definitely is a place to see before you die. And before I die, I’d like to be back there again.

Today we visited Sevilla’s Real Alacazar and Cathedral, but we think they’re not as wonderful as Alhambra.

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  1. Mahawaditra

    Amazing. Granada is one of the cities that I would like to visit one day. I believe it’s a colourful yet warmer place. By the way, I thought you left your heart in Yekaterina….

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