“I’m sitting here complaining to you about my wife, which is sleazy and low and not fair to you and the oldest trick in the book. Suddenly I’m looking down at myself and I’m… How did I get here? Why didn’t I meet you sooner?”
— President Grant, Scandal.

Sometimes real life is more absurd than fiction, and sometimes fiction does a good job on reminding you of how life goes.

BEWARE if somebody else’s lover is saying anything which resembles the quote in the beginning of the posting. And if you’re taken, NEVER say anything like that either, pouring details of your miserable life to someone over a drink or two or more.

It truly is the oldest trick in the book and will lead you to nowhere but agony. It might seem like a jolly adventure in the beginning, but it will eat you up and costs you too much of your life. You can deny or pretend to be a masochist, but deep down, no one wants to be hurt. And you shall not hurt others if you don’t want to be hurt.

This is me being unpretentious and wise (ha! what a rare occasion), learning from mistakes of which I’m not proud of.

Now let me get back to the rest of the series before working on the efffffffing thesis again…

The images used here are from ABC’s tv series, Scandal. The first one is from here, and the second is a screenshot of the fifth episode.

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