Ramadhan and Maryam

Happy Ramadhan, friends and families.

Got an interesting link as one of the first “test” in the holy month! I think it’s completely misleading. I don’t know the current statistics but the number claimed by the campaign seems bogus — what’s the source? Is it credible? When was the research done? What’s the methodology? What’s the proof?

I’m honestly enraged to see this video, as I’m really afraid it’ll trigger not only misunderstanding for foreigners but also discord among Indonesians. And worse, fertilising fundamentalism and hatred.

Who’s Mercy Mission? The British-based organisation is suspected to be promoting salafi values (read: radical right). Yet they want to raise $ 2 million and set up an Islamic tv in Jogja, my hometown! The city that supposedly is the most tolerant, plural, and mature compared with the others in Indonesia.

Of course there are Indonesian moslems who decided to convert to other religion(s), but vice versa there are non-moslems who became moslems.

By the way, the words salah, iman, and Allah is absorbed by Bahasa Indonesia and used by all religion here. So the claim in the video is again misleading.

Damn it, to attract more sympathy, they even use a fictitious image of a headscarf-wearing girl who’s framed to be naive, gullible, and finally converts to Christianity at the end. They named her Maryam. After Mother Mary.

Comments for the video are moderated and I’m pretty sure my counter arguments will not be shown. So I flagged the video after watching it angrily.

To be honest, the animation is good, the propaganda is convincing especially for those who do not understand about Indonesia — of which, unfortunately, means a lot of people in the world.

Any thoughts?

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  1. bagus marwoto

    I feel there is something wrong with this video. The news sources are unclear and the data are not available. I live in Indonesia and have never seen or heard of such factual data. I suspect this picture was made ??by people who look for pity money. Or, the sites are fake islamic websites.
    Well, I think we all should learn more and watch it carefully before joining and sharing the campaign.. Wallahu A’lam Bishawab..

    • true! and i really dislike the fact that negative comments for the video will not be approved, so the viewers won’t be able to see counter-arguments. i’m totally sad.. 🙁

  2. namrud

    The group behind the video is Saudi-backed Salafist. They intend to infiltrate Indonesia to spread their message of intolerance, and destroy the rich multi religious multi culture of the regions.

    • i also think so. and to do that in my beloved city! it’s outrageous! 🙁

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