Learn Spanish (a long-neglected resolutions since years ago… *sigh*). Go back to campus. Build a wider network to make Indonesia better. Get closer to Yekaterinburg, in any cost. Be wiser. Save more money. Buy less unimportant stuff. Be happier. Make less mistakes than 2010.

Anyway, 2010 was a year full of drama. My wish to travel the globe was awarded, thrice. Two amazing opprtunities to meet new great friends: Global Youth Anti-corruption Forum in Brussels and 14th International Anti-corruption Conference in Bangkok. A week of journey towards Vietnam and Cambodia with four lovely companions.

2010 is a year fulfilled with a lot of firsts: first time to Brussels, Bangkok, Saigon, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat; first reporting trips to Pontianak, Aceh, and Istana Bogor; tasting the best ice cream in the world (no, not that over-hyped Wall’s Magnum, but Culture Royale‘s wonderful cassatta), plus starting a book project with one of the brightest youth I’ve ever met.

A million thanks for friends and family who helped me reach those things I’ve never imagined before! I’m possible is definitely the new impossible 😉

A busload of challenges came into me as well, the hardest part being left having to say good bye see you later to two very important persons in my life: my significant other and a best friend. Plus having the Presidential Palace as my new beat… As well as forgetting the password of my own blog, causing me have to restart it all over again. Stupid, stupid, should never do it again.

2011 will be different. But not less exciting. I am excited. Aren’t you?

Happy New Year!
May it be better than the one we’ve just passed.

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